Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Cinemagraphy: A new approach to photography

I was trying to find something new to pursue in terms of photography when one of my friends suggested a new technique in photography called "cinemagraphy".

I was curious to know what it was and what I learned blew me away!!

Here is a link to a website that inspired me to try out cinemagraphy:

What is cinemagraphy?
Cinemagraphy is a technique that allows you to introduce subtle movement to your photograph. 

I think this will revolutionize the way photographs appear online.

On this link: http://cinemagraphs.com/food/ , we can see examples of different food items shot with this technique.
I saw some tutorials that were using Photoshop but I will try this with GIMP and post the results on this post. The images are in GIF format. They look great on a Web Browser from a desktop or a laptop but when loading these images on my iPhone, it tends to show the movement with slight frame skip.

In the meantime, visit the link above which gives you an idea of what can be achieved with cinemagraphy; I'm sure you all will be inspired.

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  1. I didn't know what was cinematograph until I checked the link. We see that often especially in restraunt website. Great informative post :P